about Liz V. Nelson

let's get a little personal.

Liz is a web developer, game designer, professional graphic designer, and writer. She's usually engaged in an array of creative programming projects and makes and manages digital marketing media for a variety of clients.A cat laying in front of a laptop

She studied English and Digital Media Arts & Engineering at LSU where she discovered her love of creative writing, programming, and visual art and the enchanting ways these disciplines can overlap to creatively engineer exciting things. She has dreams of using these passions to bring positive change to society and is especially interested in promoting environmental sustainability and responsibility in coding and software development.video game concept art of a fox

Her current passion projects include a 2D indie game about a little girl who fights to save a magical forest from an evil kingdom with the help of a powerful and cunning fox and an aesthetic writing enviroment for authors in need of creative stimulation. She hopes you'll poke around on her blog. If you you need a website built or a graphic or logo designed, you can email her here.drawing of liz with an umbrella

When she's not working, coding or writing, you can find her chilling in an armchair with a good sci-fi novel, a cup of moderately strong coffee, and her two astonishingly similar tuxedo cats, Char and Boo.

Technical Skills

✔ React.js
✔ JavaScript
✔ Node.js
✔ Express.js
✔ HTML5 & CSS3
✔ GraphQL
✔ Bootstrap
✔ WordPress
✔ Java
✔ C#
✔ ASP.NET Core
✔ C++
✔ Google Analytics
✔ UX Design
✔ Git

software proficiencies

✔ Unity Game Engine
✔ Adobe Photoshop
✔ Adobe Illustrator
✔ Adobe Indesign
✔ Adobe XD
✔ Autodesk Sketchbook